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A Visit To a Leather Bar

Well the Chinese food place was really good Friday night. We never did make it to the movie though. Instead, we went to this serious leather bar called “the Cock Ring”. I had been in there before when friends persuaded me to go. Leather is not really my thing.

And the guys in leather bars… you never know what you’re getting. For one thing, the guys always look a bit odd. And sound even stranger. I mean, here they are dressed in all this he-man biker lookin’ leather. Then when they open their mouths, they sound like they just won first place on Queen for a day.

There is always some neat stuff going on at the leather bars though. (And I’m not just talking about the guys getting blown out on the back patio.) There’s usually some guy with his pants down getting spanked, and another with his shirt off getting flogged. Then on Friday, there were these guys dressed in rubber suits, wearin’ gas mask lookin things. They were covering guys up with this black tarp lookin’ thing and then they would turn on this vacuum and suck all the air out. It was called mummification. Really neat lookin. Now that I would probably try. The rest of the stuff I could take or leave.

They had a store in there too that sold cock rings, butt plugs etc. Some of these butt plugs were huge. That is something else I don’t understand. Why would someone want to shove a piece of rubber up their ass and walk around all day long? Sheesh don’t even get me started.


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