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Marines and Transsexual Hookers Pt 2

Well dudes, here’s the scoop. It seems like our friend the ex marine was feeling a little randy while his wife was out of town. So he drives down to the sleazy part of town and decides to pick up a hooker. Let me explain for just a moment. He was new to St. Louis, so when he went down to the sleazy part of town, he got confused (or so he says) and went to the sleazy GAY part of town by mistake.

Anyway, he picked up this hooker, took her back to her room, got in the room, he got undressed, then she got in bed and covered up and got undressed. He gets into bed and starts fumbling around. I can picture it now. Do-dee-do… hmmmm, nice pair of tits… nice flat stomach…. Dick…. DICK?????

Well as the story goes, he was freaked out a little but still horny and she offered to give him some head. He figured, what the hell? Long story short, by the time they left her room 12 hours later they had done everything that a guy and a transsexual can do together. EVERYTHING!!!!! Fuck, suck, bottom, top…. EVERYTHING.

Well one thing’s for sure, if they ever ask this tranny boy if he was ever in the marines he can answer honestly. Yes. Well we know he was in at least one of them. I’ll keep you posted on more gossip as I find out.


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  1. Threes Company Says:

    […] Until this point we have been satiating our more primal of needs with relatively ordinary yet wholly satisfying sex. I’m not saying we would win any pole jumping marathons http://www.ricksguide.com/marines-and-transsexual-hookers-pt-2.html, but it has been nice; almost comfortable sex. That is until about three days ago. Matt and I had just returned from the clubs privately celebrating our three month mark and were primed for some between the sheets (lights off) action when it hit me; the rhythmic slurping sound of his tongue on my balls is the same noise I’ve heard for the last three months. I’ve even started putting words to the sloppy rhythm. It’s kind of like “cock sucking the musical”. Like clockwork my (apparently dysfunctional) mind began to wander to the what if’s. What if Matt isn’t the one? What if we aren’t meant for each other? What if I am wasting my life on this relationship? I don’t need to describe the rate of deflation that followed, but let’s just say that even Bob Dole couldn’t help me now. […]

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