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New Years Eve Plans

Well, Christmas is over and now I’m looking for something to do for New Years Eve. I have a few options, none of which seem terribly exciting. I have a good friend Steve. He and his husband just bought a new place in Dallas, TX.

He invited me to fly over there for a few days. We usually have a good time together. So that’s probably what I’ll do. His partner is the VP of a large company so they definitely aren’t hurting for money. They have a huge place all decked out in antiques with a pool and a music room etc. Steve doesn’t work. He’s a house-husband.


I guess it pays to marry well. So while he’s lounging out by the pool listening to the babbling brook below while drinking a Mimosa, I’m sitting at home drinking a beer eating cheese doodles with no elastic in my underwear.

Life isn’t fair.

I soooo need to find some good looking, rich, young stud to knock on my door and take me away from my dullsville life and let me stay at home and watch football. Or a 90 year old with a healthy bank account and a heart condition.

Just kidding. Kinda.

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