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Well Furnished apointment

A couple weeks ago Sir Elton John and his partner of 12 years, David Furnish were united in a civil ceremony. The first thing that struck me was the huge smile on David’s face. Why not? I’d smile too if I married the richest man in the country.
The new law that allowed the couple to get hitched will afford same-sex couples the same rights to social security, taxes, pensions and inheritances as other married couples yet stops short of calling the new arrangement a marriage.

In fact I am getting so friggin tired of seeing the word “marriage” with “quotes“ around it. It’s like a slap in the face. ‘Oh look! Isn’t it cute? The little fruits are getting “married”.’ We don’t have to put quotes around it when heterosexual couples get married. Why do we have to do it now? I’ll tell you why. Because they threw us a bone. Because they feel that as long as they allow homosexuals to have a few rights in the way of taxes and pensions and the like. That will keep us off their back…for a while.

Fuck you.

I guess I shouldn’t complain, it’s further than we’ve gotten in America.

Hmmmm, I wonder if George Michael is looking for a husband…..

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