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Kathy Bates and Chinese Food

I plan on going out to dinner this evening with a couple friends, Bobby and Vance. Vance just got out of the hospital. He was only in there for a couple days. He had a bad kidney infection and was having trouble peeing. Pees fine now. Anyway we’re going out to a Chinese restaurant, which is good. Chinese is definitely my favorite. Then we may go out and see a movie. Anything good on out there?

I was going to go see King Kong but I keep getting mixed reviews on it. Nothing else looks worth seeing. I might like to see “Rumor has it”. I kinda dig Shirley Maclaine. Oh, I also want to see “Good Night and Good Luck” about Edward R. Murrow. It got good reviews.

Can’t wait for the Oscar nominations to come out they come out on the 31st I believe. We’ll have some stuff to talk about when that happens!

I rented “Unconditional love” last night it stars Kathy Bates – who is so good in anything she does, Rupert Everett and a very funny actress, Meredith Eaton who is hilarious. She hasn’t done much and this is the only thing I have seen her in. I guess it’s a stereotype thing. Meredith Eaton is a dwarf. Big deal, she can still act her ass off.

Well dudes, I guess I better go get a shower and get bundled up to go out in the cold. Hope you guys are gonna have as good of a time as I will tonight. Good friends, good food, good movie.

Good night.


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