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A Roman Heart

Roman has had a very short career in movies having only come into porn in 2004 at the young age of 19. He is also on his way to becoming one of the Kings of the gay porn industry. Let’s talk about this for a moment.

Now, I do not disagree that a human being has the right to choose what career path he would like to walk down. I also agree that when it comes to porn, especially gay porn, the younger and better looking a man (boy?) is the better. But it still leaves the question ‘Should a 19 year old BOY be in the business of pornographic film making’? I mean, think about it…normally, at 19, a BOY is either in college or thinking about going to college. He may be going steady with his first love or may not have ever found the right boy to go steady with yet. He is still playing street football with his friends and getting drunk on the weekends.

His whole future is ahead of him and most importantly; he is still a TEENAGE BOY. Now for those of you are already disagreeing with me and are about to tell me how mature he is by already having a career and making lots of money, I am not going to be a hypocrite, I have gotten more than a boner or two watching our young Mr. Heart on the screen.

I just wanted you to know my viewpoint on porn and young actors.

Roman began his career with Studio 2000’s Flesh, which he did under the name “Linc Madison” and now he’s Roman Heart for Falcon. That’s another thing that gets me. If porn is such a respectable career choice, why does everyone change their names? One answer: anonymity.

A few months ago Falcon Studios is released their porn blockbuster-to-end-all-blockbusters “Cross Country”. In addition to being on the cover of part one, he’s the prize that Matthew Rush and Erik Rhodes are risking life and limb for in the movie, he’s also in the most scenes of anyone else in their annual two-part “destination” epic.

An Aries, born in April, Roman says that he is no longer an eligible bachelor having been dating his “Cross Country” costar Benjamin Bradley for a year now. Roman got into porn at the urging of his friends and decided to give it a go. Says Roman “I remember getting on the plane the first time to go do a movie, and I sat there and thought, ‘Should I get on?’ I was deathly scared of it all.

I guess I will mention it here since many of you may be thinking the same thing. At 7” Roman is not the biggest porn star we have. In fact seven inches is on the small side when it comes to cock size of porn stars. This all goes to prove that a big dick does not a porn star make. You have to have appeal, of course, and that little something extra to attract a following. Obviously Roman has that little something extra. I didn’t mention looks because that is of course a prerequisite. I mean, outside of Cade Devlin (What is that a harelip?) I can’t think of any unattractive porn stars.

Along with Cross Country, some of Roman’s movies include:
Getting It in the End – “This movie tells the story of two brothers: one good, one evil; one battling for what’s right, the other battling for what’s his. Will the good brother be able to outsmart his brother or will evil prevail?
Roman has a short but scene-stealing supporting performance is in which he gets on all-fours atop a pool table and begins groaning as Colby Taylor slowly plants himself inside his waiting ass, Roman is wonderful in this scene as he makes some of the most erotic noises I have ever heard while he’s being fucked royally by Colby’s massive dick.

Flesh- (as Linc Madison) Roman’s first movie finds him in a bathtub with Franco Santoro. Santoro flips Madison around for some unabashed rimming, finally busting Roman’s cherry in front of the mirror, but that certainly doesn’t mean Roman can’t be a powerful top. Roman’s versatility shines as he lays his Spanish boyfriend on the cold tile floor and shows him just who’s boss.

Driver – A standard ho-hum porn, this movie does include a much ballyhooed scene between Roman Heart and boyfriend Benjamin Bradley. This scene allows us a small peek into what may happen in their own bedroom. Their foreplay is nice, and contains lots of true to life moaning as they swallow each other’s dicks. Heart shoves his tongue into Bradley’s ass, then showing his top man skills, gives a powerful jack hammer type ramming to Bradley’s upturned bubble butt. All of this in a room that has a million dollar view of the city below through picture windows. The scene finishes with Heart shoving a dildo into Bradley’s willing ass to make him cum, followed by Heart’s own exploding cock.

You can also find Roman in Super Soaked and Heaven to Hell.

Roman has his own website that will be up and running shortly and a Yahoo group that he participates in when he can.

All in all expect Roman Heart to be one of the youngest reigning Kings of porn that we have seen in a long time.

Hail Roman!

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