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Bad Boy Bottom Chad Farrell

Newcomer to the scene, and a big old bottom, Chad Farrell, has appeared in a handful of movies, mainly for Studio 2000 and All World Video. This tall good-looking big dicked boy with the bedroom eyes sucks dick like a champ. But that isn’t all he is. He may be a very savvy businessman.

I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see his new website, called appropriately, CHADSTER. Chadster is billed as “the first fully integrated chat and video on demand software ever developed. It’s the new wave of technology meets sexuality, designed to create the most intense experience for its members.”

Some of Chadster’s features include:

Streaming videos
Live one on one chat
Create and send text and/or html emails
Share videos simultaneously together
Participate in and/or create chat rooms
Surf the internet
Create and change Chadster skins to customize the look and feel you like
Add buddies to your buddy list
Search for members and videos with Chadster’s powerful search engine

“All these features, combined with fast, reliable speed and access on one easy to use platform is only a small fraction of the many great features yet to come. Chadster had developed the foundation for the Sexual Revolution.”

Now I took a look at this Chadster “world”. It looks fairly impressive, yet has a couple very odd drawbacks. I will get to those in a minute. Chadster has everything you could possibly want or need in a homepage. The first step to getting Chadster is to fill out the free online form, then download the program. Chadster takes about 5 MB for the program. After downloading, they are supposed to send you an email with instruction on how to use Chadster. I never received the email but it’s fairly easy to negotiate. You can go on the internet and do everything I just mentioned above. Pretty cool. One of the strange drawbacks however, is I could find no listings for any of Chad’s movies or anything about him really. I did find one mention of him on the site it was in the Pay Per View section of the site. It was a movie called “Power Play” which, according to the description, was written by our man Chad. Pretty impressive indeed. Now you may think that Chad is merely lending his name to a porn website. Maybe. Maybe not. At the bottom, it does say … Chad Farrell Media, LLC. Well I hope he does own this site. Who knows, maybe this will give him a chance to get up off his knees and play around where the big money is.

Some of Chad’s movies include:

Scorched - Fort Lauderdale’s Pineapple Point Guest House is the location and Latin actors have the lead in this fun in the sun fuck fest. Ivan Andros plays an employee who constantly comes in late and has a tendency to nod off by the pool; Farrell is his preppy antagonist, the guesthouse manager. Farrell warns Andros to shape up or be fired, but Andros, of course, is incorrigible– getting fucked by gorgeous Alexander Fuerte when they’re supposed to be doing repairs, becoming engrossed in jerk off fantasies while he’s supposed to be minding the office, barely protesting when four naked men drag him into a poolside orgy which Farrell then joins.

Paramedics – gives us a behind-the-scenes look at porn as it lightly satirizes porn production. Unlike many porn movies the actors and dialogue between sex scenes is way too much fun to pass up. The cast includes drag diva Jazmine as Justin Dragon’s “wife”; producer Dan Cross as himself; and Jason Crew. This porn film within a porn film doesn’t contain a lot of sex, but has some good sex all the same. Chad Farrell appears along side Park Wiley in the first episode. Which takes place inside an ambulance during a break from the movie they are filming.

A matter of size 2 – In this movie we once again see Jason Crew fucking himself with his long dick. (I wish he’d stop that. It looks unnatural and his dick isn’t that long. I mean it’s not like he’s shoving eight inches up there or anything. And the position he has to get into to perform this maneuver makes him look like an idiot. And no, I’m not hating.) In this movie Farrell is the one with the birds eye view of Crew fucking himself. Then being the total slut bottom he is, Farrell goes down on Crew’s dick. Yes, the one that he just pulled out of his ass. Disgusting. Matt Sterling undoubtedly cast Farrell in this film to show off his oral skills; it’s easy to spot an expert cocksucker and Farrell’s got the goods. These two look good when they 69. After which, Crew whacks his rod on Farrell’s tummy.

Card tricks - Some friends hire an escort in order to spice things up for their very bored friend Farrell, but the escort takes some time to get there. So in the meantime, the guys sit around and tell sex stories as they wait for their live sex story to get there in person.
In pretty Deep – Eight of the hottest men meet in the prettiest of surroundings. Shot in Ft. Lauderdale Florida and Lake Tahoe Nevada, this video features 4 great scenes: Outdoors in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, by a fireplace, on a pool table, out door pool action in Florida and in a million dollar home. Great oral cum shots and huge cocks round out this hot feature.

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