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Drag Queens and Me

Well it’s been a crowded week. Had a couple lunch dates. Nothing special. I’ve been given the job of being the social chair for a singles group that I’m a member of. This is going to be a challenge. First of all no one ever wants to do anything anyway. At these functions all we ever do is stare at each other, eat, shoot the shit and get toasted.

My first mission is planning the Valentines Day party. I guess I can do low lights, dancing, chocolate etc. If you have any ideas let me know.

Went to go see the movie “Rent” I’ll post a review on it this week.

I have a friend who is an actor. One of the best I have ever seen actually. I dropped in on him while he was at rehearsal for a new play he’s doing. It’s really an old show from the 70’s called “Women Behind Bars” It is about a group of women prisoners and the evil woman Matron that oversees them. It’s kind of a funny show. It’s a take-off of all the prison movies of the 50’s. Anyway my Friend, Tony, is playing the Matron character. He will have to of course, be in drag when he does it, as was Divine when “she” originally played the role off-Broadway.

Anyway it got me to thinking… NOW I know why I’m not married yet. With all these leather freaks and drag queens there aint no normal guys out there anymore. So who am I, a nice, respectable, non-leather wearin, non-drag wearin gay man supposed to date? And please don’t say guys who DO wear leather and drag cause that aint happenin’. That stuff gives me the creeps. So there you go. For those of you who want to know more about me. I’m your regular everyday football playin, jeans and boots wearin, car fixin’, cock suckin’, normal guy next door.


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