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Fag Hags: Everybody Should Have One

There is a term for women who enjoy hanging out with gay men. Fag Hag. This term is, for the most part, a very endearing term between a gay man and his hag. The gay men giggle and laugh about it and the straight women don’t usually mind. Originally, the term was a slur that referred to women who were attracted to gay men and wanted to “straighten them out” or “change them”

These women were also usually unattractive women who found themselves outcasts in the dating circle of life. Finding also, that many gay men were in the same boat, and since misery loves company they started hanging around their gay pals. These women and gay men took to each other until the day that the woman decided she wanted a little bit more. This is why the women themselves did not conjure up the word fag hag, the fags who could see right through them gave them this crowning title.

Now days, what self-respecting gay man doesn’t have a hag or two. I had the following poem given to me by my personal hag.

The perfect man is gentle,
never cruel or mean.
He has a beautiful smile
and keeps his face so clean.
The perfect man likes children
and would raise them by your side.
He would be a good father
as well as a husband to his bride.
The perfect man is sweet,
writing poetry from your name.
He’s a best friend to your mother
and kisses away all your pain.
He has never made you cry
or hurt you in any way.
To hell with this endless poem…
The perfect man is gay.


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