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How to Pick Up & Seduce a Straight Guy

We’ve all been there. You’re in a mall, at a bar or maybe getting your car worked on, just minding your own business right? And all of a sudden there he is. Tall, good-looking, well built and a package that will make you cry out “Hallelujah he has come” before immediately dropping down on your knees. There’s just one little problem. He’s straight.

Well boys, take it from your old buddy Rick, nothing is impossible. I have had the good fortune of having my fair share of straight boys and I am here to give you just a few tips on how you can do the same.

It isn’t as easy as it sounds, but it can be done. I mean let’s face it, men are men. We all operate basically the same, and we all love getting head. That’s a big plus in our favor. Fortunately for us, YOU all love giving head right? They want it and we can provide it for them. It doesn’t take much to connect the dots on this one. But let me tell you up front; trying to seduce a straight guy can be dangerous you can’t just go up to a member of one of your neighborhood skinhead Aryan Nation boys and offer to give him a blow job. He will shoot you. More than once. No, there are quite a few rules you MUST abide by when trying to pick up some straight sausage.

Allow me to clue you in:

Take your time! Try to spend as much time around your catch as possible. Let him get to know you a little bit. Maybe go out for a couple beers a few times before you make any move at all. This is very important! No straight guy is gonna drop his pants an hour after meeting you.

Butch it up! If you are one of the effeminate kinda dudes this may not work well. Remember actions speak louder than words and a straight guy may be turned off by the mere thought of being seen around a nelly queen. He will have that “Guilty by association” feeling.

Remember that this is a solo performance so never approach him or when he is with his friends, girlfriend or wife.

Always try to lay the trap on familiar turf yours or his. DO NOT start talking about blowjobs in a bar or other public place. Even if you are the only ones in the room he will think that everyone can hear you.

Get him a little buzzed. Remember if he’s been drinking his inhibitions will be lower.

If you don’t own any straight or bi porn go invest a few dollars and get some. Playing porn after he’s had a couple beers helps to get the balls rolling.

Do not try to get him to fuck you. Fucking is reserved for girls. 99.9% of all straight guys will be severely turned off by sticking their dick up another guys arse.

Casually mention how guys give better head than girls, because only a guy who has a dick knows how to do it right etc. etc. Or if he doesn’t know yet that you’re gay you may mention that this is something you have ‘heard” If he doesn’t say ‘Prove it!’ this may be a good time to say that you can

Learn to give and look for the subtle signs. Let him see you glance at his crotch a couple times. If he gets a hard on in his pants in front of you and parts his legs a little you’re halfway there.

Let him know that getting his dick sucked by a guy doesn’t mean he’s gay.

Reinforce to him that no one will ever know about this. Maybe you can ask HIM to please not mention this to anyone.

Don’t kiss him! Straight guys do not want to be kissed by another guy. Always make him feel masculine.

If you have the good fortune of spending the entire night together, it is best to wake up in a different room than he is in. This is the reason: He may want to use the excuse that he was ‘so drunk last night’ that he ‘doesn’t remember anything that happened’ If he wakes up next to you this will not occur. You want him to be able to make excuses. This sometimes ensures a repeat performance. If he can lie about not remembering what happened and you play along with it, he’s more likely to stop by and feed you again.

Afterwards, don’t try to cuddle. If he wanted to hug and kiss another guy he wouldn’t be straight now would he?

Also, take your cues from him. If you are at his place, it’s probably a good idea if you went ahead and left now. If he’s at your place, he will leave when he feels like it. Usually right away.

THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL…Know your straight man very well. Seducing a straight guy can be a glorious sounding idea and sound like a lot of fun but it can also be very dangerous! Know him well. Is he a happy drunk or the kind that likes to throw a few punches? If he is the latter, I would suggest that you stop here and find yourself another straight man. This is risky business you are contemplating. One never knows exactly how a straight man will react after he has pumped a load down your throat then looks up and remembers he is with a guy. He may decide to fight, or worse yet, leave no witnesses.


PS. Just a thought, if you’ve never done this before and are really nervous, try going to one of these webcam chat sites like Flirt4free or Chaturbate,. Find a straight guy that you fancy, throw him a small tip so he has to entertain you. If you are doing ok, then find another straight guy but not to tip this time to see how you are doing.

9 Responses to “How to Pick Up & Seduce a Straight Guy”

  1. brian Says:

    i have a differnt way of doing this and its much faster it has worked every time with me i do it when im at the park thats right next to my house there rnt many ppl there i wait in the bathroom stal with the door unlocked when a guy comes in i let him caych me jaking off then i tell him how horny i am and that me and my bf just broke up after that they normaly ask questions just lead them on and try and turn him on this only works with strangers once they get turned on they r preety willing this has worked for me many times

  2. john Says:

    I have been doing what you said word for word! There is this guy, younger than me. He is married to my boyfriends cousin. I have been slowly working him over the past 2 years!! We are good friends now and he jokes around with me, teases me about how much i want to suck his cock. but anytime i tease him back he backs off for a while and don’t dick tease me, well if he don’t hear from me for a few days he then starts dick teasing me again. Well finally i couldn’t take it any more, My boyfriend went out of town a few days ago and i texted this guy and said ” I can’t take it any more, all i think about is your cock in my mouth, i want to suck your cock so bad, will it ever happen?” haha. I waited by the phone and it seemed like houurs but it was just 6 mins or so. He said “Yes”. Then i said “When” Then he said ” When the time is right”. I said your wife is working, my boyfriend is out of town, the time is now! Long story short, he texted me today and asked what i was doing tomorrow and I said working (At his moms new house) Nobody lives there yet and he knows i will be there alone. He said he was stopping by tomorrow. It is almost 2am, I can’t sleep thinking that he is finally going to let me suck his nice cock!! OH, he showed it to me once when he was drunk, very nice fat and long cock. Im so excited!!!

  3. schizophrenika Says:

    st8 guys r homophobic bastards. Why suck these guys?

  4. iroh Says:

    I realize this is super old, but I came across this and figured I’d note, I’m straight, but have a few gay friends…anywho, they would agree with most of these things especially the porn, i’ve been told hot TG porn can even work well. Start as a joke they say. But on that note, the one thing I think they would disagree with, is the being butch thing. I have to agree. If I were ever going to let a guy suck my dick, I would probably prefer fem, maybe not full blown passable CD but at least some girly-ness would help

  5. Live Girls Says:

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  6. tazz Says:

    I’m a guy who enjoys the company of other guys. I have been with women, but I prefer men. Guys are easier for me to get along with and there is less hassle in a close friendship with another guy who gets it, than with a woman. I have a buddy who is straight. He has a girlfriend and a family. We are both masculine guys, and we have become really good friends. He occasionally mentions that I need to get a girlfriend so we can double date. We do occasionally talk about sexual activities with women. I think he may know that I have more interest in hanging out with him than to pick up chicks in a bar, but he has been very cool about it. We have both lived lives that are very masculine, and we share a common bond through some of those experiences. I’m not looking to have a relationship as such or changing his life situation, but just continue our close friendship with the possibility of helping him out from time to time. I’d be open to return favors, but I don’t think there is much chance of that happening. We already have a pretty unique friendship, so adding that one more thing would just make it a little more unique. The concern I have is that I don’t want to risk messing up a good friendship. I guess that’s an age-old question, regardless of the type of relationship. If anyone has any real-world experiences on this terrain, I’d be open to listen. Thx.

  7. Jeff Says:

    For me these guys are just bi. When you’re having sex with males and YOU ARE a guy then you aren’t str8. Sorry.. I believe what people have to do is stop making clear cut on things. It is not as simple as just gay or purely straight. Sexuality comes in shades of grey plus some people’s grey shades are simply being bisexual. People fear to be labelled bisexual and that is how articles such as this originate from. They always say “choose one” or “you can’t be both”. I’m gay because I realize that no women can arouse me. If the guy do not reject both guys or girls then good sense would tell you they’re bi.

  8. Will Says:

    Why bother the trouble to seduce the str8 arses? Would it be better to stick to your own kind and both get some fun?

  9. Sago Says:

    I get pleasure from your writing style genuinely enjoying this web page.

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