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Irish Import Kane O’Farrell

One byproduct of the North American Trade Agreement is a 6 ft tall stunning brunette with a sexy Irish brogue, green eyes and a mouthwatering 9-inch uncut cock.

Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about up and coming porn superstar Kane O’Farrell. Of course that was kind of easy, I mean, name another big-dicked Irish porn star. Right? Kane, to me, always looks like he’s squinting or pouting. Actually it looks like he’s squinting because he can’t find his glasses so he’s pouting about it. Kane has risen up through the ranks and is sucking some pretty powerful dick these days. Currently with Falcon Studios, Kane made his American debut in 2004.

Kane who says he got into porn because he “just loves sex” has a handful of movies under his belt now and has even appeared on a few of the box covers. A sure sign he’s getting the full star treatment. Of course, if “just loving sex” were the main ingredient for being a porn star I’d be blowin’ my wad all the way to the bank.

A few of the movies Kane has been in include:

Born 2 B Bad
Two kids’ parents go out of town and the oldest decides to have a keg party. The older brother uninvites his little brother, a bunch of supposedly straight guys come to the party and they all suck and fuck each other silly, including the two brothers. A few flaws with the movie: First we know these guys aren’t straight we’ve seen them all chowing down on dick in other movies. Second, we are supposed to be wowed by the brothers having sex with each other. ‘Whooooa dude, incest’! Okay, I hate to be the one to tell you this but these two actors aren’t brothers. Get Jason Adonis to slobber down on his little brother Tristan’s knob and we can talk.

Kane’s scenes include one of him and Cade Devlin dropping off some kegs at their friend’s house. Finding the place empty, they decide to whack off. After a mutual j/o session they take turns sucking each other off. Cade makes some great animalistic noises as he sucks Kane’s long, uncut beefsteak. Kane, who turns out to be a complete slut when it comes to sucking dick, outdoes him. He inhales Cade’s dick like a fucking Hoover. Then Kane ends up pounding Cade’s ass.

Jason Adonis plays a football star who brings his coach to the party. Jason goes upstairs to take a pants around his knees type piss. (Okay what guy really does this, and why?) Jason then finds a bottle of Spanish Fly and decides to drink it all down. This leads to a big problem that comes in the form of a huge erection. (Idiot) “Be a man. Show me your cock!” the coach urges. Jason whips it out so his coach can massage his pud. And as long as it’s there he decides to plop it in his mouth. (I actually had a coach like this when I was in senior high. Man, I miss that team) Jason returns the favor. Then fucks the coach.
Towards the end of the party Kane and the big brother whose house we are at, decide to go upstairs and get little bro to suck them off. It all ends with the three guys suckin’ fuckin’ and squirtin’. A ho-hum movie saved by Kane O’Farrell and Jason Adonis.

For those of you that have a gym or muscle builder or jock fetish, this is the movie for you. When a client shows up at Kane’s gym to have a work out, the gym owner, Kane, gives him a personal tour. The movie is full of guys flexing their muscles, doing squats and general gym type stuff. And sex. Lot’s of sex.
The movie ends with Kane pumping his load into his new clients hot ass.

Heaven to Hell
Now this is a cool movie. One of Heaven’s angels is shot down to have some wicked sex with Satan and his minions. There is fantastic costuming in the way of huge feathered angel wings and devil horns sprouting out of the evil boys foreheads. The make up is unique and you can tell that more time and effort went into this movie than most. There are tons of hot sex between Satan, his dog boys, (One of which is luscious Tristan Adonis) and a host of other dark angels. One thing I wondered about though, if everyone is in Hell, and supposedly dead, why are they wearing rubbers? Attention to details my buds, attention to details.
Our man Kane doesn’t really join the party till it’s almost over and then promptly slobbers over as much dick as possible. Pretty Tristan Adonis, as one of the dog boys gets his knob polished by Roman Heart in one great scene. (I don’t know if you’ve been noticing, but they seem to like filming Tristan from below while he’s getting head.)
If you aren’t a fan yet of Kane you probably soon will be. You can catch him in a few other flicks too, such as FLEX, and Bootstrap.

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  1. Is Independence Overrated? Says:

    […] Because I couldn’t find the paste I decided to wing the curry, a little salt, pepper, chopped up peppers and chicken in coconut milk. Ok so it won’t win any awards…and it wasn’t curry, but it tasted ok. I suppose it was the taste of independence. Needless to say independence had me in the bathroom for a while after its consumption. One self induced colon cleansing later I was crawling up the walls looking for something to do. Then it hit me, PORN! It’s the independent gay’s natural answer to boredom. Having exhausted my Kane OFerril collection it was time to turn to technology. That’s right boys; desperate times call for the internet. […]

  2. declan white Says:

    Hi Kane O’Farrell,

    I am a researcher with an Irish tv documentary. We wish to make a documemtary about Irish porn stars in the states. Would you be interested in talking with us. Initially you can contact me by email at declanwhite1@gmail.com.
    best of luck.
    kindest regards,
    declan white

  3. Ben Says:

    I agree that Kane is from Ireland, but he doesn’t really have what you call an irish brogue… his accent is more of a northern England accent.

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