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Jason and Tristan Adonis

Hey Boner Boner Boner SCHWING! I gotta tell ya. I just picked up a copy of Super Soaked just to see that luscious Tristan Adonis. I added this to my collection, which includes Taking Flight Parts 1 & 2. This stars both Tristan and his equally endowed real-life brother Jason Adonis. In Super Soaked Straight jack-off King Mark Dalton, wanders through the desert and comes upon this mansion sitting in the middle of the desert like an oasis. He finds himself by the Grecian style pool and begins to wank and we are shown pictures of his 4 fantasies one of them involving …drum roll please… Tristan Adonis.

In Tristan’s scene, Justin Wells, a cute little dark haired boy with a crew cut and sideburns, is hungrily lapping at Tristan’ s boy dick, Tristan decides to swallow a little meat himself and the boys are off… drooling hard on each other’s sausage. One great image is when Adonis lies back and gets a little rim session from Wells right before he stands up and pounds Wells in a standing position against one of the Grecian pillars. The scene ends with Tristan laying on the ground and Wells impales himself on the waiting sweet cock of youth. This is by far the best scene in the film and assures us that Tristan will be around for a long time to cum.
Now I am only telling you about Tristan’ s scenes because I want you to focus on him and his brother Jason today.

There have been “brothers” all through the history of the porn business. In the 70’s we had The Christy twins then fast forward to Gabriel and Oscar Odyssey and twins Dean and Dave Resnick, whom I personally find really odd looking, not mention the fact that they look like the bastard love children of Jay Leno and Ellen Degeneres.

The whole thing got me to thinking.

Let’s put aside the fact that Jason has an incredibly muscular body worthy of the name Adonis. Let’s forget for a moment, if we can, the fact that his blond twinky little brother has a perfect swimmers body and a baby face that makes looking at him and his huge pecker seem almost illegal.

Jason who I would guess to be in his early 20’s and Tristan, who I would peg at about 19 or so, are brothers working in the porn industry. Two brothers from the plains of the Midwest, who packed up, left home and decided to go to California and suck dick for a living.

Let me give you a little bit of background on older brother Jason: Jason started out as Nicholas Wilson posing for a few fitness magazines, then did a funny porny take off of “The Ring” called “The Hole” (Worth a watch) for JetSet Productions. He then was picked up and signed to an exclusive by Falcon. As was Tristan. Jason didn’t like it there and was released from his contract then decided to go back to JetSet. They had a falling out (allegedly over Jason’s refusing to turn “bottom” with an overly endowed actor) and last we heard he was going to form his own production company and start making his own films starring himself and little bro Tristan.
Now Jason’s got a new film out Called The Entourage Episode II by Three X Films. The Entourage Episode I will be out later this year. Both of these sans little bro Tristan. One reason being that Tristan is still hooked up with Falcon Studios. (His latest movie Heaven and Hell just came out a few months ago.)


Let me tell you - if these guys hooked up, did a couple hot bro-to-bro flicks, they could rock this industry. I mean I, for one would be one of the first to pay to see Jason get down on his knees and swallow some little brother cock. Eventually of course, one of them will have to turn bottom. I figure it will be Jason since Tristan seems a little bit more gay-for-pay than Jason does.

So does it bother me that there is nepotism in porn? Nope. Does it bother me that it seems like Tristan has taken the wrong road and followed his big bro into the wicked porn industry? Nah. These guys are both of age. They both know what they are doing and they both happily cash their paychecks and go on with their lives. I would feel worse if Tristan had followed his brother into the evils of the fast food industry and become a burger flipper.

Keep your eyes out for some more of these two hot brothers now that the Odyssey Twins and The Rockland Brothers are off the scene, the time is right. I hope they take advantage of it.


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