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On Guys and Their Dicks

They’re everywhere now days. It seems like no matter where you go or what you do you’re seeing dicks all over the place. You can’t open a magazine any more without seeing some dude in a pair of tighty whities with his dick outlined in his shorts. Every movie you see on the screen some actor wants to show you how much he’s got - or doesn’t have as the case may be. We get emails that tell us that by taking a pill we can gain over 3 inches overnight. There’s a famous Bar-B-que joint in town called “Big Dick’s revenge.

Why all of a sudden are we in the middle of a dick explosion? I mean all guys got one, a lot of guys want as many as they can get. Women go out on the prowl for ‘em. Not that they know what to do with them once they get them… It just seems now days that everyone’s gone dick crazy. Now let me tell ya, I love dicks. I have ever since I was a little boy and first discovered mine. After that I went out and tried to discover someone else’s. Mission accomplished. More times than I want to think about.

I guess the reason the world has gone so dick crazy is that it has finally become socially acceptable. It has also become very un-politically correct to have women’s tits and ass all over the place. They feel that it is socially demeaning to women. That’s what’s really great about guys, they don’t see showing their dicks as socially demeaning. In fact, most guys are all like trying to show their dicks to everyone. Now they can show them and it’s perfectly all right. So for those of you that want to know, for future reference you never have to ask, yes you may show me your dick.

I love this country!!!


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