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Ricks Top 10 for Gay Chat Rooms

I’m sure you have all read the fantastic guide to gay webcam sites, so I thought this time around we could have a little discussion about how to handle your self in a gay chat room, and hopefully …ahem… maximize your experience.

Let’s face it no matter how many times you might deny it, we have all cruised the gay chat rooms at one time or another. Whether you were lonely, horny or maybe just looking to expand your circle of friends; chances are one night there was nothing on TV, maybe you were a little buzzed and you just seemed to happen upon a gay chat room. Whatever the reason, the promise of a quick connection with other local guys is impossible to ignore, and once you’ve had a taste of this convenience you’re probably not going to be able to stop (it’s like going back to dialup after a taste of broadband).

So if you’re new to gay chat, or just a little confused about how it works here are some of the most important guidelines you should know about before jumping head first in to the world of instant man access.

1) Know what you’re looking for.
It’s important to know your reasons for chatting. If you aren’t looking to hook up make it clear in you’re bio line. Write something like “just chattin”, or even more bluntly “no hookups!!!” If you are looking to hook up make sure to include some vital information in your bio; are you a top or a bottom, any kinks you want to explore, age, weight, and most importantly dick size. If there is something specific you are looking for in a “date” be sure to list it. Adding something like “hung++” or giving an age range will help avoid confusion, and wasted time.

2) Be honest with your self.
This is along the same lines as rule one, but it bears repeating. If you like getting pissed on (or like to be the one pissing) there will probably be someone for you. If you get off rubbing big feet, there is probably a horned up guy with big feet who can’t wait to get to know your sexy little ass better. Knowing what you want to get out of your sexual experience will almost always guarantee a good time. Place this information either in your bio, or if the chat room offers it, a more discrete area in your profile.

3) Always ask for a picture!
It’s a sad truth, but people are liars. That 8 inch cut cock that sounded so great in the chat room, can easily be 3 inches of “what the hell” in person. Or your “vgl topstudman” might end up being a B. Arthur look-alike. So take a queue from the lawyers, verify everything.

4) Always have a picture.
Chatters tend to ignore people without pictures in their profile. If you’re looking to hook up having a picture of the goods on hand will help your chances. If you don’t feel like having a picture of your dick online for the entire world to see let people know in your bio that you have pictures available to e-mail. However it is always good to have a face picture, or at least a body shot in your profile to let your fellow chatters know that you are at least somewhat like what you claim to be in your bio. As an added bonus, with a picture you seem less like a potential serial killer to the skittish types.

5) Don’t discount someone based on age alone.
Young guys take heed, quite a few older guys work out and have totally smoking bodies; and older “gentlemen” a lot of younger guys are turned on by the thought of screwing around with an older guy. Just because there’s 20+ years between the two of you don’t immediately write off the fun you could have.

6) Beware the bots.
There are a lot of adult websites out there that advertise in gay chat rooms masquerading as really hot guys. They will try to trick you with one liners like “hey cutie” or “feel like chattin?” after a few messages they will eventually invite you to come see them on cam, or to check out their profile on another website. You can follow their links if you want, but don’t make your self feel silly by talking to them.

7) If you want dick, don’t act like one.
Even when there are not a lot of people talking in the main chat you can be sure they are all reading it, so as a general rule be nice. If you don’t like someone keep it to your self, or at least limit your comments to private chat. I’m sure your friends all love that sharp wit of yours, however online you just sound like an ass. Same rule applies to private conversations, nothing turns off a potential “friend” like listening to your dumb ass berate them for making a typo.

8) Avoid promises you can’t keep.
This ranges anywhere from cock size, to promising someone you can fuck for hours. Chances are you are not nine inches, and can’t last for three hours, so keep it real (or at least realistic) guys.

9) People talk.
More specifically gay people gossip, so beware if you break rules seven or eight more then likely the whole room will know about it as soon as your new fuck buddy logs back on. The next time you try to hook up you will probably be shot down before even getting a hello out.

10) Have fun!
You’re chatting with strangers! Loose some of those inhibitions Mr. tight ass. So what if people only see you as the reliable designated driver type, you’ve got an inner freak, let him out for some air! Online you can be the life of the party if you want to; no one has to know you sort your underwear. Just remember to be safe and have a good time.

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