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New Years Eve Plans

Well, Christmas is over and now I’m looking for something to do for New Years Eve. I have a few options, none of which seem terribly exciting. I have a good friend Steve. He and his husband just bought a new place in Dallas, TX.

He invited me to fly over there for a few days. We usually have a good time together. So that’s probably what I’ll do. His partner is the VP of a large company so they definitely aren’t hurting for money. They have a huge place all decked out in antiques with a pool and a music room etc. Steve doesn’t work. He’s a house-husband.


Is this the oldest Brrreeeport post? :-)

Happy New Year

Well I hope everyone had a good new year and that the coming year is a prosperous one. I ended up flying to my friend Steve’s house in Big D. It was a lot of fun. We went out to eat at a Mediterranean restaurant called Zois’. OOOOH, what a little slice of Heaven. I had the raw kibbe, which is like our version of steak tartar, and then we all ended up going outside to relax with some Turkish coffee and a Hookah pipe.

Well Furnished apointment

A couple weeks ago Sir Elton John and his partner of 12 years, David Furnish were united in a civil ceremony. The first thing that struck me was the huge smile on David’s face. Why not? I’d smile too if I married the richest man in the country.
The new law that allowed the couple to get hitched will afford same-sex couples the same rights to social security, taxes, pensions and inheritances as other married couples yet stops short of calling the new arrangement a marriage.

Kathy Bates and Chinese Food

I plan on going out to dinner this evening with a couple friends, Bobby and Vance. Vance just got out of the hospital. He was only in there for a couple days. He had a bad kidney infection and was having trouble peeing. Pees fine now. Anyway we’re going out to a Chinese restaurant, which is good. Chinese is definitely my favorite. Then we may go out and see a movie. Anything good on out there?

A Visit To a Leather Bar

Well the Chinese food place was really good Friday night. We never did make it to the movie though. Instead, we went to this serious leather bar called “the Cock Ring”. I had been in there before when friends persuaded me to go. Leather is not really my thing.

And the guys in leather bars… you never know what you’re getting. For one thing, the guys always look a bit odd. And sound even stranger. I mean, here they are dressed in all this he-man biker lookin’ leather. Then when they open their mouths, they sound like they just won first place on Queen for a day.

Drag Queens and Me

Well it’s been a crowded week. Had a couple lunch dates. Nothing special. I’ve been given the job of being the social chair for a singles group that I’m a member of. This is going to be a challenge. First of all no one ever wants to do anything anyway. At these functions all we ever do is stare at each other, eat, shoot the shit and get toasted.

My first mission is planning the Valentines Day party. I guess I can do low lights, dancing, chocolate etc. If you have any ideas let me know.

On Guys and Their Dicks

They’re everywhere now days. It seems like no matter where you go or what you do you’re seeing dicks all over the place. You can’t open a magazine any more without seeing some dude in a pair of tighty whities with his dick outlined in his shorts. Every movie you see on the screen some actor wants to show you how much he’s got - or doesn’t have as the case may be. We get emails that tell us that by taking a pill we can gain over 3 inches overnight. There’s a famous Bar-B-que joint in town called “Big Dick’s revenge.

Old Queens and Jesus

I went to a birthday party for a friend of mine this past Saturday. He’s one of those vain queens that are so worried about getting wrinkles. Pity. He’s somewhere in his 40’s and looks it. Yep, yep he does. But still he prisses around trying to convince people he’s still in his 20’s. He dresses way too young and though he’s tried everything to hide his real age.

Beer and Jello

This morning I woke up and felt like a 20 year old. Unfortunately there wasn’t one around. There is something to be said for dating a younger man. Envy. Walk into a party with a younger guy and the sharks start circling and all the old queens start whispering about how much you paid for him. Then people who haven’t talked to you in years start coming over and introducing themselves to him as your friend. It’s great payback time.