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Irish Import Kane O’Farrell

One byproduct of the North American Trade Agreement is a 6 ft tall stunning brunette with a sexy Irish brogue, green eyes and a mouthwatering 9-inch uncut cock.

Yep, you guessed it, I’m talking about up and coming porn superstar Kane O’Farrell. Of course that was kind of easy, I mean, name another big-dicked Irish porn star. Right? Kane, to me, always looks like he’s squinting or pouting. Actually it looks like he’s squinting because he can’t find his glasses so he’s pouting about it. Kane has risen up through the ranks and is sucking some pretty powerful dick these days. Currently with Falcon Studios, Kane made his American debut in 2004.

Judy Garland: The Gay Connection


This was the headline that greeted millions of people as they opened their Sunday morning paper on the hot summer morning of June 22, 1969.

For thirty years Judy Garland had been an icon all over the world. She was a link to that magical place where troubles melted away as we went over the rainbow. The funeral was to be held on Campbell’s Funeral Home in New York City. On June 27 1969 over 22,000 waited in line to take one last, albeit short, look at their beloved Judy. This was the largest funeral in New York City since Rudolph Valentino was laid to rest in 1926.