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Lubes & Lubricants: How To Keep Your Willy Wet

Whether your settling down for a long slow lovemaking session with that perfect guy or just getting ready to crank your own handle, the right lube can make the experience much more enjoyable.

Lubricants come in three basic types: petroleum, water based and silicone based lubricants. Each of these can have their own particular uses and limitations and they also feel differently on your hand or any other part of the body you intend to use it on. Lubes are available in any consistency you want; from thin as pre-cum to thick as Crisco. (And what kid hasn’t slathered a little bit of Crisco on his pud after getting home from school? O.K. fine, maybe it was just me.) Note: A lot of people like a thicker lube when engaging in anal intercourse. (See I don’t HAVE to say fucking) It’s also a good choice when you are looking to shove a plastic toy up your ass.