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Movie Review: “Brokeback Mountain”

Based on the E. Annie Proulx story and beautifully directed by Ang Lee, Brokeback Mountain concerns a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the ensuing 20 years.

Brokeback Mountain accomplishes what few movies even set out to do now days. It moves you. It makes you feel. And most importantly that feeling stays with you. Brokeback Mountain is a disturbing movie and it is this sense of disturbance that swirls around in our head and just sits there. It makes you think and it tugs at emotions that you wish would be allowed to lay dormant. And it makes you sad.

Rick’s 2006 Academy Award Oscar Picks

Hollywood’s big day unveils itself on Sunday, March 5, and your good buddy Rick here will be hosting his annual Oscar bash.

This year like the last few years seems to be a big year for “indies” that were lucky enough to find distributors. So what will this years Academy Awards look like? There is all the hoopla surrounding “Brokeback” and political controversy around Spielberg and “Munich. But this is all good and planned. Oscar and Hollywood loves controversy and would have created some if there weren’t any already.

Transamerica: A Transgender Road Trip

For many people the subject of transgender and male prostitutes conjures up images of crazed she-males ripping off their wigs and trying to shove them down each other’s throats on The Jerry Springer Show. What most people do not think about is that a transgendered person can also be Uncle Elmer or cousin Sophie or the mailman or the next-door neighbor. People don’t seem to grasp the concept that a transgendered person is usually someone with a family. Transamerica takes gender identity out of the closet and deposits it right in our own living room.