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The Straight girls Guide to Seducing a Gay Man

Behind every straight woman is a fabulous man! The problem is some women want them to be doing a little something while they’re back there

The truth is, many women who have gay men around them, become like a big sister to them. They ask you for fashion tips, want to know if those new Lycra shorts make them look fat and cry on your shoulders when their boyfriends fuck them over. The big question is - can a gay man be picked up and seduced by a straight woman? The short answer is yes. As much as gay men want to prance around and stick their noses in the air while shrilly saying “eeewwww yuck” and making jokes about fish and the like, let’s face it, men are pigs. Even gay men. I have shown you how, with a little bit of work a straight man can be seduced by a gay man. And while a straight woman’s job may be harder and somewhat more challenging, it can be done. The rules however, are a little different

One thing that helps our vixen in the pursuit of her prey is the fact that there are two kinds of gay men. There is the gay man who while having strong sexual feelings for his own gender, also has an attraction to women, and then…. There are those who do not. Studies have shown that a full 90% of gay men have had sex with a woman at least once. Joy.

So ladies, if you’re still hung up on that little faggot down at the office or perhaps that manly straight acting cock sucker who came in to clean your carpets last week, here’s some tips on what you must do to succeed.

Are you a hag with your own personal fag? If so this may be a good start. If, however, you’re fag doesn’t turn you on that much, you must find another one. The trick to seducing a gay man is familiarity. Maybe you happen to find some gay hunk at the local gym in the gay part of town and you get to know him. You could break the ice by asking him if he has seen your gym bag, locker key, artificial leg…. You get the idea. This way you can see first hand if he looks at you with any interest at all.

Get comfortable with him and make him extremely comfortable with you. Take your time. If this is a new man you have just met, hag around him for a few months. Gay men are intimacy shy around women so do not make a move, do not so much as put your hand on his leg in a friendly gesture until you know him extremely well. To do so before it is time, may find you watching as he skips away and into the arms of one of his booty buddies.

De-feminize yourself just a bit. As much as we joke about gay men liking to act like women – most do not. Besides, a nelly queen is probably not what you’re after here anyway. If you have long hair, keep it pulled back, if you have short hair – all the better. Do not have your nails done or wear long fake nails. This tends to scare gay men. Think of it this way, how would you feel if someone went after your crotch with 10 sharp looking blades? Do not wear sexy dresses or skirts. Save these feminine wiles for the straight guys you have your eyes set on. While you’re intended victim is near, you want to act as un-girlie like as possible. Think dyke.

Always try to set the scene on familiar turf. Preferably his. He will feel more comfortable with his own things around.

Take your time. I keep repeating this because this is of the essence. This is not going to be a get him drunk then slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am kinda thing. Maybe suggest dinner over at his house with him cooking and you bringing the wine or beer.

Get him a little buzzed. But not too much. While it’s true that after a few drinks his inhibitions will be lower. If you get him too wasted, you may spend the evening with him crying and telling you about ‘Nathan, some guy he used to date, that he gave six of the best years of his life to until he decided to leave him for Jorge, a Puerto Rican car detailer over on 8th avenue that he picked up in some gay bar one night… that slut!’

You cannot be very forward with your intentions when trying to seduce a gay man. You cannot casually mention that you give such great head that you have been known to suck start a Harley. This will probably make him jump up and start searching for that Chicken Marsala recipe that he misplaced years ago. Or worse yet, decide to write his mother.

Ask him to see one of his porn movies. Say something like “You know, I’ve never seen any gay porn…. What do they do?” This is a very important part of the plan. You see, when you go in for the kill you want the gay guy to be watching porn. You want him in his own little world. This way when you reach over and stroke his leg, he may just go with it.

Do not mention the word bisexual. Gay men are very proud of being who they are. They tend to believe that a bisexual person is confused. They do not believe that bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night.

If you feel that he is very receptive and very into it, don’t be shy about kissing him. Gay men love to kiss and cuddle.

You may want to relegate your passion to just oral sex. If he seems in the mood and you desperate to try to get him to fuck you, it must be either doggy style or with you on your stomach. Why? Tits. Tits are the essence of a woman and if he gets one look at those, all bets are off.

After the session is over. You may get the hint that it is time to leave. If so, be gracious and do just that. If you spend the night, you could try the straight man thing and claim that you were so drunk you don’t remember a thing. This will probably not work, but you can try it.

After everything is said and done, do not worry if he doesn’t call you for a few days. He may be just a little confused and freaked out. Eventually things will get back to normal, and if not, think of all the good gossip material you just gave him. Cause, honey! They will be talking about your ass for months!

4 Responses to “The Straight girls Guide to Seducing a Gay Man”

  1. Fuckyoubitch Says:

    Seducing gay men? So there aren’t enough straight men in the world, you’ve to go after some “special breed” of men, huh? To prove to yourself how sexy you are, you could seduce the unattainable?

    Well, fuck you, you stinkin harlot.
    There’s the difference between gay men seducing straight men and straight women seducing gay men: The fucking numbers. It’s totally excusable for gay men to do it because gay men are rare.
    Straight women do it purely out of kicks. Getting to know a gay guy you didn’t even know before? Just for the act of seduction? SLUT PLEASE.

    Even attempting to seduce your FRIEND? What a fucking bitch. Please just stick to jamming dildos up your anal cavity.

  2. ReplytoFuckyoubitch Says:

    Calm down you little shit-hole. Actually, sometimes a woman likes a guy who happens to be gay. You know maybe, sometimes it’s not always “just for kicks.”
    So what you’re saying is that straight girls can’t go off with gay guys? Because they’re gay? Excuse me, but who are YOU to say something like that? Anyone can go off with anyone, you little idiot. They’re not “Unattainable.” Everybody can choose. It is a CHOICE.
    Please go back to your first grade class educate yourself. Then when you grow up and graduate, you can finally sound smart.
    But right now, you sound like a total jack-ass who has five mops stuck up your ass. Get a fucking life.

  3. Shawn Says:

    Oh come on gurls, you’re both pretty!
    Seriously though, just like straight girls sometimes (often?) get tipsy and make out with their female friends, so do gay men. It happens. Sex? Yeah, rarely, but sometimes that happens too. Most men are dogs, men have been known to have sex with watermelons, mattresses and all sorts of things to which they were not necessarily attracted. It’s not so hard to believe that a straight guy would let a gay guy give him head in secret is it (if so then you are dreaming!)? Then why should the same not be true for gay men and straight women?

    Final note from a gay man who’s been there ladies: If you do get him in bed, you’ll want to keep him going long enough to finish the job. A well placed finger (or tongue) will work wonders for you. Jus’ sayin :-)

  4. MK Says:

    If a man is not attracted to women, period. As for all men are dogs, the same can be said for women all being bitches. So go fuck yourself and stop annoying gay men and lesbian women, this guide will not work and easily falls into rape/sexual harassment.

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