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Women Behind Bars & Ice Cream

Stopped by Coldstone creamery at the corner of Westheimer and Shepherd to get a little something to go. Unfortunately it wasn’t the guy behind the counter. These Coldstone places have really sprung up all over Houston recently. You don’t even see Baskin Robbins anymore. Anyway, I saw this sign that said “Hand dipped” ice cream. Now I see them all the time right? But it got me to thinking… ‘Geez, thanks for telling me. At least he doesn’t dip it out with his feet”. Signs bother me I guess.

But it’s not just signs. In the Chronicle food section the other day, there was an article that was titled “Children make healthy lunches.” Yeah, especially if you put one of them little buggers on wheat toast. There’s no good communication anymore.

A friend of mine opens in a play tonight. It’s called “Women Behind Bars” It’s a real camp piece that originally starred Divine. I’ll let you know how it goes. It’s over at Club Resurrection on West Gray if anyone feels like going. Should be a blast. Afterward, we’re going over to one of the cast member’s houses for a cast party. Cast Parties are great. Actors getting drunk and trying to out do each other. I can only handle about an hour but it’s a lot of fun and free booze. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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